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About Holistic Recovery Pathways

HolisticRecoveryPathways.com is the creation of Holistic Health & Wellness Expert and Recovery Coach Beth Terrence.  Beth has an incredible passion to bring holistic resources and wellness programs to the realm of addiction and mental health recovery.  This passion comes from both her experience helping others in the field as a holistic practitioner and facilitator for over 20 years and seeing the power of transformation at work, as well as from a strong desire to share her experience, strength and hope gained from her own journey of long-term recovery.

Holistic Recovery Pathways is designed to be an educational resource for anyone interested in exploring holistic recovery tools and perspectives ~ whether you are in recovery yourself or supporting others on their journey of recovery, there is something here for you!  This includes recovery from addiction or mental health conditions, co-occurring conditions (addiction, mental health and/or physical health issues) and/or being a family member, ally or community member affected by addiction or mental health challenges.  HRP can also be a wonderful resource for providers and organizations interested in learning more about holistic resources and wellness program for addiction and mental health recovery as well as a support for individuals, families and communities seeking recovery, self-care and wellness.


Holistic Recovery Pathways offer a gateway a new way of being – supporting the vision of the a new Recovery, which holds that “there are many pathways of recovery”.  From a holistic perspective ~ “you are already whole, you just need to remember”.   Our hope is that by exploring holistic resources for recovery and for life, you will learn begin to discover the healer within and learn that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

About Beth Terrence

Beth TerrenceWelcome!

I’m Beth Terrence, founder of Holistic Recovery Pathways and Discover The Healer Within.  My vision is to support individuals, families, communities and organizations in embracing a holistic approach toward life and the journey of recovery; and toward living a heart-centered, balanced and joyful life through discovering the healer within.

I believe that my own life journey has served as a catalyst for the message I hope to bring to the world — that at our core, we are all beings of love, light and peace — we just need to “remember”.

I am a trained Shaman, Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner, Speaker, Writer and Recovery Coach.  I am also a person in long-term recovery.  For me this means that I am in recovery from addiction; and trauma and PTSD that stems from both childhood and adult experiences.  Before reaching the point on my journey when I began to recover from trauma, I was in recovery from Fibromyalgia, a chronic physical health condition.

It was in taking a holistic approach to healing through Fibromyalgia that I came to understand the impact of trauma on my life, my health and my well-being.  Ultimately, it was in embracing the pain of my past, working to heal my emotional wounds and accepting the impact that trauma plays in my life that I was able to become symptom free of Fibromyalgia.  Although, my physical condition has been in remission for over 18 years, I continue my long-term recovery from trauma and associated symptoms.

Much of the trauma I experienced stemmed from growing up in a family with untreated mental health conditions and addictions. From the age of 11 – 18, I lived alone with my mother had mental health challenges and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia.  During that time, she self-medicated and at times medicated me as a way to cope with prescriptions (valium, librium, etc.) that she received from her primary care physician.  We lived in isolation and I learned to use substances and food to cope with my emotions from that early age.  I struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs for a portion of my life; and found that when I took a holistic approach to my health and well-being and focused on healing through my trauma that I recovered naturally.

Other challenges and the impact of long-term trauma remained.  As a result of my life experiences, I have struggled with anxiety, depression and chronic insomnia.  I continue to address these patterns as part of my path of long-term recovery, which today is founded on Holistic Recovery Pathways, Spirituality and 12-Step Recovery.  It was initially through my experiences of being a family member and friend of others challenged with addiction in both my childhood and my adult life that led me to the rooms of 12-Step recovery through Al-Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics.

At that time, I didn’t realize that this was about my own recovery, not just trying to cope with someone else’s issues.  I walked into the rooms on St. Patrick’s Day 2001. I was 34 years old and coming out of my own active addiction. This may have been the first time that I felt a sense of hope that my life could change and that recovery was possible!  I have since found that 12-Step recovery offers me a strong foundation and community that supports me in all areas of my recovery and my life; and so, I continue in several 12-step programs as part of my pathways of long-term recovery.

I have written some stories about my journey of healing and recovery in a series of Heal My Voice collaborative books including, Inspired Voices: True Stories Of Visionary Women, Harmonic Voices: True Stories Of Women On The Path To Peace, and Feminine Voices: True Stories by Women Transforming Leadership.  I have found writing and journaling to be another pathway of recovery for me and ultimately hope to write a book about my life experiences.

I have been a professional Holistic Health & Wellness Practitioner and Facilitator since 1996.  My work has evolved as I have moved through own my journey of healing and recovery and through my experiences supporting others through holistic recovery pathways.  Today, I focus on offering an integrative holistic approach to life and well-being, which incorporates education, self-exploration and experiential practices.

Finding A Holistic Path…

My journey into healing began at age of eleven when I found a book on Foot Reflexology in my grandparent’s bookcase.  This random selection opened the door of my mind to the understanding that we are all energetic beings and have the ability to heal ourselves. At fourteen, I began to practice yoga and meditation.  This practice deepened my exploration into energy and spirituality.  And, provided a place of refuge and connection that did not exist in my outer life.  I truly believe it was having these holistic practices as a resource that allowed me to survive the abuse and trauma of my teenage years and beyond.

I spent many years on my own spiritual and healing journey before stepping forth as a practitioner in the field of Holistic Healing and Transformation in 1996.  Over the past decade, the shamanic path has become the foundation of my life and work.  At the core of this foundation is the acceptance that everything is alive and interconnected through the web of life.  I believe that for true change to occur, it must happen in both our inner and outer worlds. And, it my passion to support others on their own journey of awakening and recovery.

I continue to pursue my own evolution and growth as the catalyst for the work I bring forth to share with others.  I have trained extensively and holds Certifications in: Shamanic Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Zero Balancing, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing/Reiki, Herbalism, PEER™ Emotional Energy Recovery, Bodybreath Healing™, Alignment Technique, Addictions Counseling and Recovery Coaching.  Additionally, in 2014, I became one of the first group of Certified PEER Recovery Specialists in Maryland.  I share about this in my story, “Recovery Is Possible!”.

I also write on my blog, The Heart Of Awakening: Searching For A New Paradigm, an online resource for transformation and healing as well as guest blogging for a number of sites on health, wellness and recovery.

I offer individual sessions, groups, classes, and workshops in the MD/DC/VA area as well as teleseminars and sessions via phone/skype.  I am available to speak at your organization or event as well as to consult on holistic programming for addiction and mental health recovery programs or communities. I can help you to create a retreat focused wellness and recovery.  I love to travel and am happy to come to your location!

I look forward to exploring with you here on Holistic Recovery Pathways!  I’ll be sharing blog posts, audios and online programs to support you on the journey to recovery and well-being!

Tashi Deleh! (I honor the greatness within you!)

Explore with me! 

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