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100_1999 Recovery is a reclaiming of the self.  As the wonderful, Melody Beattie shares in “The Language of Letting Go”: Recovery is not about being right; it’s about allowing ourselves to be who we are and accepting others as they are.”  “Others do not have our magic. We have our magic. It is in us.” “Beliefs create reality.”  Letting Go:

On the journey of Recovery, we arrive with many patterns, feelings and beliefs, which we have gained through our life experiences.  Sometimes our area of Recovery is clear — there is one pattern or addiction, that brings to this path. And, there may be other patterns we don’t see right way.  As we

The following story was originally published October 2014 in Feminine Voices: True Stories Of Women Transforming Leadership, a Heal My Voice collaborative book. 10703615_10204984672114634_7529354100258109607_n-200x300


By Beth Terrence

“A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” ~ Working Definition Of Recovery (www.samhsa.gov)

My life has been a journey of recovery.  I grew up in a family with severe mental health challenges and active addiction.  I experienced extreme psychological, verbal, emotional and physical abuse.  How I managed to survive those experiences is a miracle

“RECOVERY is a reclaiming 


Giving  an experience of the “whole” self
 as well as the 
and awareness of holistic resources and tools
 can help people to create a foundation for long-term recovery and well-being.  Knowing oneself – body, mind, emotion and spirit, is a key to transformation and healing on many levels.  By learning to connect with themselves on a deeper level, people in recovery become better able to 
 and respond to what is arising
 for them as 
they move through the stages of
 self-exploration and
 the creation of a new way of being – one of long-term recovery. Holistic Recovery Pathways offers a person-centered, transformational, strengths

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