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Shamanic Healing for Reconnection & Recovery

Shamanic Healing has been at the heart of my personal recovery as well as a focal point in my work supporting others on the journey of recovery and wellness. I have come to truly know who I am and what my gifts are through the ancient spiritual practice of Shamanic Healing as well as other holistic healing arts. And, this spiritual practice continues to be at the heart of my recovery today! Shamanism has been around for millennia.  I consider myself a modern shaman and yet, I have apprenticed in a very traditional way, studying one on one with the shaman for the last 13 years.  I continue that apprenticeship today as the foundation of my life and recovery as well as to […]

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Lost & Found: The Birth of a Shaman ~ A Healing Story


The following story, “Lost & Found: The Birth Of A Shaman“, was first published in February 2013 in Inspired Voices: True Stories Of Visionary Women.  The writing of this story came through my participation in a 9-month Heal My Voice Writing program.  The mission of HMV is to: “empower and support women and girls globally to heal, reclaim their voice and step into greater leadership in their lives and in the world.” ( In addition to writing these stories, this program has helped me to step forward as a leader and share my voice with the world.  I am excited to share my first Heal My Voice story, Lost & Found: The Birth Of A Shaman, with you below.  If you’d like to explore writing as […]

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