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nurture-your-soulIn addition to customized programs for individuals, groups and orgranizations, Holistic Recovery Pathways in conjuction with founder Beth Terrence’s project, Discover The Healer Within, offers a number of classes and workshops local to the Maryland/DC area and through online programs that are open to the public.

Beth also presents and leads workshops frequently at conferences, retreats and other events where she is invited.

Here are some of things coming up…


Shamanic Healing: A Pathway for Reconnection & Recovery at Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference ~ October 23rd – 26th, 2017

Finding pathways that support us in reconnecting with ourselves, others and the world is an essential aspect of recovery.  Shamanic Healing, based on the ancient spiritual tradition of Shamanism, is an approach that offers a gateway to reconnection on many levels.  This work can provide a powerful, strengths-based resource for individuals and groups. Some of the benefits for recovery include:

  • Creating a sense of connection with self and others
  • Enhancing self-awareness and accessing personal strengths
  • Releasing feelings, beliefs and traumas
  • Connecting to inner guidance and spiritual support
  • Developing a deep relationship with Nature and the world around us
  • Cultivating a sense of place and purpose in life
  • Deepening of creativity and self-expression
  • Establishing a personal spiritual practice

During this experiential workshop, we will explore:

  • What Shamanic Healing is and how it can be used as a pathway for recovery
  • Ways that Shamanic Healing has been found to support addiction recovery including physiological, emotional, spiritual and social benefits (through both research and experience)
  • How Shamanic Healing supports recovery from trauma and childhood wounds
  • An experiential introduction to a variety of Shamanic Healing practices including drumming & rattling, journeywork, connecting with nature and using ceremony & ritual to foster connection and wholeness

Location: CCAR Multiple Pathways of Recovery Conference, Punta Gorda, FL

Date: Tuesday, October 24th (Conference dates 10/23 – 10/26)

Learn more or register for this amazing conference at: https://www.ccarconference.org.

Healing the Past, Embracing The Future ~ 30-Day Virtual Writing To Heal Program with Beth Terrence & Andrea Hylen ~ November 1st – 30th, 2017 

Joining a Heal My Voice program is a bit like embarking on a vision quest.  It is a journey into the core of our being.  In traditional cultures, this is done through time alone in nature; in Heal My Voice our vehicle is writing.   The intention of this 30-Day Program is to create a space for exploring writing as a vehicle for transformation and healing.

Through our willingness to tune in and listen, we are able to deepen our understanding of ourselves, our life direction and our values.  We do this by pausing in the midst of the busyness. Slowing down, taking time to reflect and feel, inviting our inner voice to emerge as the pathway for reflection.  During this time, you will have an opportunity to:

  • explore yourself through a 30-day guided writing process
  • get to know yourself more deeply exploring loss, grief and transformation in your life
  • connect with a community of authentic women and men on a journey of discovery
  • harmonize with the energy of the Autumn season gathering our gifts and letting go of what now longer serves us – feelings, patterns, beliefs, etc.
  • alchemize your pain into remembrance, honoring and joy
  • access your inner gifts and strenghts

   This 30-Day Program includes:

  • 4 Weekly Tele-classes via Zoom with exploration and discussion on grief, loss and change
  • 30-Days of prompts to inspire and jumpstart your writing
  • A Secret Facebook Group for sharing and discussion
  • Guided Meditation & Shamanic Healing Audios
  • A Supportive Community to explore with
  • Dates: November 1st – 30th. Facebook Group opens on 10/28.

Cost: $147 for full 30-Day Program.  Early Bird Rate of $127 available thru 10/15. 

Learn more or register at https://writingtohealnovember2017.eventbrite.com.

Contact Beth at 443-223-0848/beth@bethterrence for additional information. 

Healing The Shadow Shamanic Journey Process Group in Annapolis ~ Monthly

Join us for an afternoon of soulful exploration. We will learn to connect with our inner children utilizing a unique shamanic journey process developed by Shaman Ross Bishop, author of Healing The Shadow. This powerful tool will open the gateway to self-healing on a deep level. You will begin a process of uncovering and transforming limiting patterns, feelings and beliefs, which keep you from moving more fully into the truth of who you are. This time will support creating a foundation to move into greater love and compassion for your self and all beings.

Location: Discover The Healer Within, Annapolis, MD   

Date/Time: Sunday, November 19th or Sunday, December 17th

2 – 4 PM Cost: $45 in Advance, $55 at Door

Contact Beth at 443-223-0848/beth@bethterrence for additional information. 

Bach Flower Remedies For Balance & Well-Being

Join us for an afternoon exploration to learn how the Bach Flower Remedies can assist you in facilitating desired changes in your life by supporting your overall health and well-being.  Our time will include lecture, discussion, samples and creating your own customized Bach Flower Remedy blend.

Location: Annapolis, MD   

Date/Time: Upcoming Dates TBA