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nurture-your-soulIn addition to customized programs for individuals, groups and orgranizations, Holistic Recovery Pathways in conjuction with founder Beth Terrence’s project, Discover The Healer Within, offers a number of classes and workshops local to the Maryland/DC area and through online programs that are open to the public.

Beth also presents and leads workshops frequently at conferences, retreats and other events where she is invited.

Here are some things coming up…

April 2019

2-Day CCAR Recovery Coach Academy Training of Trainers ~ April 22nd & 23rd at On Our Own of Maryland, Elkridge, MD.

The Two Day Recovery Coach Academy “Training of Trainers” (TOT) Program* is open to anyone who has already attended the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy (RCA) and would like the opportunity to train this nationally recognized curriculum.

The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© is an intensive training academy focusing on providing individuals with the skills need to guide, mentor and support anyone who would like to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs.

Day One will be a review of the activities of the RCA and Day Two will provide participants with an opportunity to train a module from our curriculum.  All participants will be provided with a Trainer’s Manual, Powerpoint and DVD.*

  • Cost: $650.00 through 4/5; Payable by Paypal, Credit Card or Check.  
  • After 4/5, registration fee is $675.00

Learn more or register at https://conta.cc/2EM0dBp.

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May 2019

“Self-Care: Supporting Success & Sustainability for Peer Recovery Specialists” Workshop at Maryland’s 5th Annual Behavior Health Administration Peer Summit ~ May 15th & 16th in Baltimore, MD.

Self-care refers to active participation in enhancing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well as our overall quality of life.  Practicing good self-care is essential for handling the ups and downs of daily life. For peer recovery specialists, it is also an essential part of managing work stress, professional burnout and compassion fatigue.  Join us for an educational and experiential workshop exploring self-care including it’s critical role in supporting success and sustainability for peer recovery specialists working in the field of addiction and mental health recovery.  

In this workshop, we will explore:

  • What self-care is and why it is an essential practice for peer recovery specialists
  • Challenges to self-care related to serving in peer recovery roles
  • Red flags and warning signs that self-care is at risk
  • A holistic approach to wellness and recovery focused on supporting body, mind, emotion and spirit
  • Self-care practices and tools including mindfulness, meditation, journaling and rituals of recovery that can be used as part of our personal self-care plans as well as in our work with peers in our communities.  (Registration is full.)

Transforming Our Lives and Our Recovery with Loving-kindness Meditation at 2019 Women’s Recovery & Wellness Day at Evergreen Cove ~ May 18th in Easton, MD.

Metta or Loving-kindness meditation originates in the Buddhist tradition.  This practice offers a powerful tool for transforming our lives and our recovery.  Together, we will begin with the traditional practice of cultivating loving-kindness for ourselves to build a strong foundation of self-compassion.  We will explore how to work with loving-kindness to support our relationships and our world.  Join Beth Terrence to learn how this heart-centered practice can support daily meditation and be integrated into a personal recovery and wellness program.  Beth has been practicing loving-kindness meditation for over 30 years and leads May Is for Metta, a virtual loving-kindness program annually each May. To learn more, visit https://bethterrence.com.

Shamanic Healing Journey for Recovery & Self-Compassion at 2019 Women’s Recovery & Wellness Day at Evergreen Cove ~ May 18th in Easton, MD.

Shamanic Healing Journey with Beth Terrence of Holistic Recovery Pathways.  Beth is a Shaman, Holistic Healer and Recovery Coach.  Shamanic journeys are a form of spiritual practice that are done through entering into a powerful meditative state.  By fostering a natural altered state of consciousness, the journey process supports us in connecting more deeply with ourselves and our spiritual connection.  Join Beth for a guided journey that will support you in connecting with your inner self and intuitive wisdom.  Together, we will focus on cultivating self-love and compassion; and learning how this ancient healing tool can be a resource for our lives and our recovery.

To learn more or register for the 2019 Women’s Recovery & Wellness Day, click here.

June 2019

“Holistic Pathways: Supporting Wholeness and Enhancing Well-Being in Recovery” at 2019 Culturally Aligned Peer (CAP) Recovery Conference at Bowie State University ~ June 28th in Bowie, MD.

There are many pathways of recovery and many holistic pathways that can support experiencing a sense of wholeness and enhancing well-being during on the journey of recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. Together, we will explore a variety of holistic modalities that have been shown to be beneficial for recovery. We will also look at a holistic approach – addressing body, mind, emotion and spirit, and how this type of model can support self-awareness and self-care on the journey of long-term
recovery. In this experiential workshop, we will explore:

• How a holistic approach to wellness focused on body, mind, emotion and spirit is beneficial for recovery
• Holistic practices including nutrition, exercise, meditation & mindfulness, yoga, massage & bodywork, journaling and other modalities that support long-term recovery
• Recent research on holistic approaches to understand the many benefits of holistic pathways as a resource for addiction treatment and recovery

Self-Care: An Essential Practice for Peers Recovery Specialists” at 2019 Culturally Aligned Peer (CAP) Recovery Conference at Bowie State University ~ June 28th in Bowie, MD.

Self-care is an essential practice for providers, peers and participants in addiction treatment and recovery. Practicing self-care offers a strengths based approach to recovery and wellness as well as a resource for handling life’s many challenges. It helps providers and peers to be the best they can be; and supports participants in building strengths-based life skills that support the path of long-term recovery. Practicing good self-care helps to promote a positive organizational culture and a way to model wellness as a way of life for the participants in our programs. In creating a culture of self-care, we also enhance the growth of recovery and wellness in our
communities. In this experiential workshop, we will explore:

• The critical importance of practicing self-care as provider, peer and participant
• A holistic approach to wellness focused on body, mind, emotion and spirit
• Self-care tools that support self-awareness, balance and well-being
• Experiential practices including meditation & mindfulness, yoga, journaling and other methods that can be used as part of our personal self-care practice as well as in our work within our organizations and communities

The CAP Conference is hosted by Jordan Peer Recovery. Learn more or register at https://jordanpeerrecovery.com/cap-conference/.

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Ongoing Programs

Healing The Shadow Shamanic Journey Process Workshop ~ Annapolis, Maryland

Join us for an afternoon of soulful exploration. We will learn to connect with our inner children utilizing a unique shamanic journey process developed by Shaman Ross Bishop, author of Healing The Shadow. This powerful tool will open the gateway to self-healing on a deep level. You will begin a process of uncovering and transforming limiting patterns, feelings and beliefs, which keep you from moving more fully into the truth of who you are. This time will support creating a foundation to move into greater love and compassion for your self and all beings.

Location: Holistic Recovery Pathways Office in Annapolis, MD   

Date/Time: Spring/Summer Dates TBA, 2 Hours

Cost: Sliding Scale $30 – 45

Contact Beth at 443-223-0848 or holisticrecoverypathways@gmail.com for additional information. 

Bach Flower Remedies For Balance & Well-Being

Join us for an afternoon exploration to learn how the Bach Flower Remedies can assist you in facilitating desired changes in your life by supporting your overall health and well-being.  Our time will include lecture, discussion, samples and creating your own customized Bach Flower Remedy blend.

Location: Annapolis, MD 

Date/Time: Spring/Summer Dates TBA, 2 Hours

Cost: Sliding Scale $30 – 45, includes custom made Bach Flower Remedy

Contact Beth at 443-223-0848 or holisticrecoverypathways@gmail.com for additional information. 

If you’d like to explore bringing a Holistic Recovery Pathways workshop, training, conference presentation or retreat to your event, organization or community, email us at holisticrecoverypathways@gmail.com or call us at 443-223-0848.