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Services For Individuals Include:

Holistic Recovery Coaching

As a Holistic Recovery Coach, I help people to explore holistic pathways for recovery and for life.  My intention is to meet you where you are and help you to begin to create the life you desire by exploring the whole self – body, mind, emotion and spirit.   There are many pathways to recovery and it is essential that each person find the ones that best support them on their journey.  I am here to help explore and find pathways that best support you on the path of long-term recovery.

As a CCAR trained Recovery Coach, I honor the following foundational principles:

  • You are in recovery if you say you are
  • There are many pathways to recovery
  • Focus on the recovery potential, not the pathology
  • Err on the side of the recoveree
  • Err on the side of being generous.

Holistic Recovery Coaching sessions explore at body, mind, emotion and spirt and how you can support your recovery through holistic approaches and multiple pathways of recovery.

Sessions are available in person in Annapolis, MD, On-site in the MD/DC area or By Phone/Skype. 

Contact Beth to learn more about Holistic Recovery Coaching or schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Integrative Holistic Healing Sessions & Programs

Integrative Holistic Sessions & Programs bring together a combination of holistic tools and resources that support transformation and healing on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit.  Sessions are collaborative with practitioner and client working together to explore and uncover areas of focus that will support the individual on the journey of long-term recovery.

All Integrative Holistic Sessions & Programs are customized to meet individual focus and needs. The following holistic tools and modalities may be utilized:

  • Shamanic Healing 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness 
  • Bach Flower Remedies 
  • Zero Balancing 
  • Holistic Self-Care 
  • Energy/Bodywork Therapies  
  • Bodybreath Healing 
  • Lifestyle Restructuring 
  • Ceremony & Ritual 
  • Recovery Coaching
  • PEER™ (Primary Emotional Energy Recovery)

An Integrative Holistic Approach can be beneficial for the following areas of focus:

  • Addiction & Mental Health Recovery
  • Trauma & Abuse Issues
  • Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Loss & Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Holistic Self-Care
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  • Chronic Pain
  • Life Direction & Purpose

Integrative Holistic Sessions & Programs are customized to meet individual focus and needs.  Sessions are available In Person in Annapolis, MD, Onsite in the MD/DC area or By Phone/Skype. Beth also offers a number of online programs throughout the year designed to support Recovery & Well-Being.  

Contact Beth to learn more about Integrative Holistic Support Sessions & Programs or schedule a complimentary consultation.  

You can also visit www.bethterrence.com to learn more about Integrative Shamanic Healing and other Holistic modalities.