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Workshops & Retreats


Holistic Recovery Pathways is available to develop, coordinate and facilitate customized workshops and retreats to support Recovery and  Well-Being.

Workshops & Retreats can 1/2 day, day-long or full-weekend programs for individuals, families, community groups and/or organizational staff.

Specific Group Program topics can be selected as themes, which can be developed into longer programming for workshops and retreats.  Topics can be also combined to created a diverse retreat experience.

Beth has extensive experience over the last 20 years developing programming and leading workshops and retreats in a variety of settings.  She is available to consult on creating programs that meet your specific focus and needs and has a number of collaborative partners who can support additional areas of interest if needed.

Here are some examples of workshop & retreat programming:

Wells Robertson House – In the Spring of 2016, Beth led a series of evening groups on Holistic Recovery Pathways at the Wells Robertson House in Gaithersburg, MD, a program that provides transitional housing for homeless men and women who have undergone alcohol/drug treatment or received other professional counseling and want to break the cycle of homelessness.. Following the introductory series, WRH residents went on an overnight Holistic Wellness Retreat at a Hallowood Retreat Center, near Sugarloaf Mountain.  This on-site program including thwrh2016be following components: Meditation & Mindfulness Training, Holistic Self-Care / Wellness Session, Writing for Recovery & Wellness Session, Creative Journal Making Process, Shamanic Healing Journeys and Connection With Nature/Self Awareness. 2018 marks the 3rd year, Beth has been bringing Holistic Recovery Pathways programs to the Wells Robertson Community.

Unity Women’s Recovery Retreat – Beth has been a speaker for the last 9 years at the annual Unity Women’s Recovery Retreat in Maryland. Worskhops incorporate a variety of holistic recovery pathways including Shamanic Healing, Meditation & Mindfulness, Self-Awareness Practices and Journaling.  Some of the topics she has presented on include:  Loving Ourselves: A Key To Change & Healing, Transforming Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Cheerleader, Writing For Recovery, Accessing Your Essential Self and Letting Go, Embodying Life: Finding Happiness & Well-Being In Recovery She has also participated as a holistic health practitioner offering individual sessions throughout the weekend including Zero Balancing, Reflexology and Reiki.

YMCA Camp Letts Women’s Wellness Weekend – Beth participated over the last five years as a Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Holistic Practitioner.  Some of the topics she has shared on include: A Holistic Approach To Life & Well-Being, Accessing Your Essential Self, and a Spring Equinox Fire Ceremony.  Individual Holistic Healing sessions offerings include Zero Balancing, Reiki and Reflexology.